Fisker starts taking reservations for $29,900 Pear EV

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by David Em

Fisker opens reservations for the Personal Electric Automotive Revolution (PEAR). It’s a five-passenger EV that starts at $29,900.

Top of a Fisker Pear electric vehicle.
Fisker opens reservations for the Pear EV, which starts at $29,900. Photo courtesy of Fisker.

Fisker has begun taking reservations for its second electric vehicle (EV), the Pear. The Pear’s original name was the Personal Electric Automotive Revolution.

The Pear is a five-passenger EV that starts at $29,900 before taxes and incentives. Fisker calls it an “urban EV”.

CEO Henrik Fisker said, “PEAR will feature the very latest technology in a beautifully designed, affordable urban mobility device.”

You can reserve the Pear for $250 for the first reservation and $100 for the second.

Fisker will start with 250,000 units per year and produce the EV in Ohio. The automaker will partner with Foxconn to produce the Pear EV.

Fisker states that production of the Pear will begin in November 2022. It’ll join Fisker’s first EV, the Ocean. Also, the automaker plans to start deliveries in 2024.

As an EV that costs less than $30,000, the Pear will be one of the cheapest EVs in the United States. While a lot can change through 2024, the Pear may show that EVs will be cheaper.

Featured image courtesy of Fisker.

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